Range Officers


Meet Alex, a 3rd Year Politics student!

Alex is most proud of the fact that he has not accidentally shot himself or anyone else, and had learned to shoot before university in a previous job. His favourite part about DURC is shooting at Bisley. He likes a rye old fashioned, and in his tenure as RCO in 2020/2021, he seeks to stop anyone from burning range down or eating the ammunition. Oh, and he also plans to get drunk on the socials!v


Meet Cassie, a 2nd Year Accounting and Finance gal who loves “honestly anything with gin”!

Having done some shooting in the Cadets and thought it was fun, despite having no idea what she was doing, Cassie joined DURC and says that’s when her shooting really started. Cassie was really proud of herself when she first scored in the 80s.When asked, she says she her favourite part about DURC is its people and the socials. She is looking forward to working with the exec to make sure that 2020/2021 will be a really great year for DURC!


Meet Daryna, a 2nd Year Economics student!

Daryna first started shooting three years ago during her time at Lancing College.

Daryna’s favourite part about DURC is its people and the support given by the members of the club. She also enjoys various events like DURC Halloween where pumpkins were shot! She loves training sessions with experienced members and how much the exec cares for the members. She loves a G&T, and her proudest shooting achievement was when she shot at 300 and 500 yards at Bisley (34)! Daryna plans to support every single member of the club, to help with anything needed, to share her skills and knowledge, and to expand DURC!


Meet Ed, a CHSS Finalist!

Ed’s shooting journey began 6 years ago on No.8 rifles. When asked about his proudest shooting achievement, he humbly replied that he’ll “let us know when (he) gets one”. His favourite part about DURC was the November Bisley trip in 2019, and he seeks to keep DURC the great club it is!


Meet Jonathan, a 3rd Year Engineering student!

As his uncle is a hunter, Jonathan started shooting as well. Jonathan is most proud of winning CSAAM, and he too said that his favourite part about DURC is the Bisley weekends. Jonathan likes a White Russian best, and he hopes to help out and build the club in the year ahead!


Meet Josh, a 3rd Year History student!

Prior to university, Josh had been in the army since he was 18, and it was there that he first picked up shooting. He is most proud of his tenure as Social Secretary in 2019/2020, and his favourite part about DURC is the socials. Josh fancies a Stella, and seeks to help newcomers to get into the hobby of shooting, as well as to get involved with the socials.

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