Range Officer

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Range Officers

Hi, I’m James, a third year Physicist at Trevelyan college, and one of the Range Officers for the Rifle Club, a position I also held last year. Our responsibility is to be on the range regularly, overseeing all shooters, ensuring the firing point is kept safe, and also helping the coaches to improve the abilities of both new and experienced shots. In terms of my personal experience, I have been shooting smallbore rifle and pistol (with some limited fullbore experience) for about 10 years. It was something i got into through the scouts, and I was lucky enough to progress into shooting standing air rifle and three position .22 rifle for the Great Britain Junior squad, so I have had plenty of involvement in a range of shooting disciplines at a variety of levels. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at j.l.wellsted@durham.ac.uk