Fullbore Captain

Hello there!

My name’s Tom and as the current Fullbore Captain of DURC I’m responsible for the side of the club that deals with the truly big guns.

For the uninitiated – Fullbore shooting is essentially the big brother of Smallbore. The principles remain the same, but instead of using .22lr target rifles in Durham, we travel to specialised ranges that allow us to use rifles chambered in the much meatier 7.62x51mm NATO. Our competitions with these rifles take place at distances from 300 yards right out to 1000. At that distance, wind, weather, and even the coriolis effect must be taken into account!

So, if firing big guns over big distances is something that might appeal to you – get in touch. I stress that our club is open to anyone from complete beginners to experts, and further to that shooting is one of the most accessible sports available (due in part to organisations such as the British Young Shooter’s Association, which strives to provide subsidised shooting for young people). If you’ve never held a rifle before, we can train you up here in Durham, and then when you’re ready you can join us on one of the trips down to the Bisley International Shooting Centre in Surrey (often once per term).

Should you need further enticement, I will mention that during these trips we are always joined by other universities, giving rise to a thriving social scene for post-shoot relaxation. The final party at the end of the BUCS Fullbore Championship (the Imperial competition) stands as prime example of this, and is the highlight of our calendar (besides the actual competition).


So if you have questions or queries, please get in touch with myself (thomas.smith@durham.ac.uk) or Henry Marden, our Club Captain. Hope to see you soon!

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