Club Captain


As the current Club Captain, it is my privilege to be at the forefront of such a fun, inclusive and talented club and it is my duty to take it to new heights. I want our club to be something that every member is proud of, and that everyone has something to contribute to on both the shooting and the social side.

When I joined the club in Freshers’ Week, I was a novice, having done a small amount of air rifle and pistol many years before. Starting at the club with some new friends, I wanted to improve my skills and learn as much as I could about the sport. The journey to where I am now has made me some very good friends and lasting memories, both of which will continue to be made in future.

Last year, I captained the smallbore B team and the fullbore A team, and got the chance to shoot the full Imperial partly sponsored by the club. I enjoyed smallbore training at our range in Durham but fell in love with fullbore on trips to Bisley. I now have the experience to coach new shooters at both these disciplines, and am eager to learn more myself.

Please send any questions you have my way, and I hope you come to remember Durham University Rifle Club as fondly as I do.

Henry Marden

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