Michelmas Term: Captain’s Review

As the Epiphany term is underway, I would like to reflect on our achievements so far this year. Michelmas 2018 has seen the largest influx of new members in recent club history, with incredibly busy taster sessions at the start of term. With a range of prior experience, the new members have brought a vibrant colour to the club, getting heavily involved in our socials and coming up with some of the most creative outfits I’ve seen in my time at Durham, let alone DURC! Those wishing to compete have benefitted from time with the experienced shots and our coach Richard Stebbings, and have gone on to perform extremely well in the first rounds of BUCS Smallbore Short Range.

On the subject of Smallbore success, we were proud to send a team of 4 to the Cambridgeshire Shooting Association Inter-Universities Smallbore Match. CUSBC proved excellent hosts, entertaining our team with an enjoyable day of shooting and a memorable evening. The Durham Team of Kelsie Peters (capt.), Isabel Snell, Jonathan Whitaker and James Tunsley performed admirably to place 3rd, behind Cambridge’s two top teams. Isabel proved her reputation as Top Gun to lead the team with 289/300 contributing to our overall result of 1128/1200.

The BYSA hosted a Fullbore training weekend at their annual Bonfire Bonanza event to which DURC took 12 members, 7 of which were new to the discipline. The experienced shots got a chance to train and the new members enjoyed a taste of Fullbore, with many eager to shoot more in the future. This was also the unveiling of the new DURC flag, which I hope will have these same shooters competing under it in the near future. The BYSA showed us a good time in true Bisley fashion, with unforgettable scenes from our Fullbore Captain who proved that hands are not needed to enjoy Milano’s.

So on to Epiphany term: the postal league will conclude, giving the first test of the club as a whole. Judging from our predicted scores so far, there will be some proud shooters in every team that have exceeded their expectations. We must now look to Smallbore Long Range training to be fully prepared for the Appleton BUCS competition coming up soon! We are also trying our hand at Gallery Rifle this term for the first time, which will hopefully be the birth of a new direction within DURC.

I look forward to another term of fun and success with DURC!

Henry Marden, Club Captain

DURC Taster Sessions and Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to try out new sports, but sometimes there are too many sports and not enough time to try them all in just one week – that’s why at the Rifle Club, we will be holding Taster sessions in the week after Freshers’ Week too! The range will be open for non-members on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2-5 pm for both Freshers’ Week and the week after (up until 14th October). On each of these days, an Exec member in a blue club sweater will wait at the top of the steps of the DSU (the Students Union building) at 2 pm to guide you on the 10 minute walk to the range. You can also come in your own time within this time; the location of the range is on our Facebook page and website.

The best way to come and ask us about the club is at our stall in Freshers’ Fair. The Fair is being held at DSU on Tuesday 2nd October from 12 pm – 6 pm, as well as Wednesday 3rd October from 10 am – 5 pm. Here you can talk to some of our Exec Committee about life at DURC, as well as see some of the equipment we use. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive more information about the club. On Wednesday, there will still be a walkdown to the range from the DSU at 2 pm but we might be hard to find due to the queues of people!

The taster sessions themselves will consist of shooting a 10 bull target with polo sweets stuck to each of the bullseyes. If you hit it, it explodes and you feel the satisfaction of knowing you hit the target. If you have some experience of shooting and want to get a step ahead towards being competition ready, talk to the Exec member and ask to try grouping instead. All shooting is done lying down and on a stand to rest the rifle on so please wear clothes you don’t mind laying down on a mat in. Hit all 10 polos to receive a prize – your own packet of polos! Please remember that safety is a priority, and you must listen to the supervising Range Officer’s quick briefing before you shoot.

Shooting is a sport that simply requires practice once you’ve learnt the key skills. Novices can shoot very impressive scores within a couple of months with the right attitude, and a visit to the range each week. Our first BUCS competition begins in November and we always enter enough teams to ensure that there are new shooters representing Durham. Last year our C team won its division, with 3 novice shooters in the team! This year, that could be you. I look forward to seeing you soon!
Henry Marden, Club Captain

Welcome to the new DURC website!

After 7 years, the DURC website has finally had a refresh, with a brand new logo! You can find useful information, photos of the club and its activities as well as contact details if you want to get in touch!